Keeping your business clean from COVID-19

SterileSource AV has been proven to kill a multitude of viruses including Covid-19. 

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Our services

We offer mitigation services to keep you, your staff, and your customers healthy. 

SterileSource AM

Anti-Microbial coating
This spray sticks to the surface of your most touched surfaces permanently, so it won't wear off.

SterileSource AV

Anti-Viral Fogging
Our powerful anti-viral kills COVID-19! Let us fog your entire business. Safe for food surfaces & electronics.

Get Both at Once

Both options can be used together to give you the anti-viral & anti-microbial protection you need.

environmental care

Environmentally Friendly

Both the Anti-Viral & Anti-Microbial solutions are EPA registered environmentally friendly solutions. These solutions are non-toxic and will not rub off.  SterileSource AV is even safe for use around food preparation areas!  

Who can benefit from SterileSource?

Medical Offices

Your patients have an expectation of cleanliness. Whether you’re dealing with the elderly and immunocompromised, or young children and adults, you want to make sure that you’re protecting your patients and their families.  SterileSource is here to help you protect your patients and staff from bacteria and viruses.


We all know that schools are a hotbed for infections. Keeping your students and staff safe from constant infection is crucial to keep a healthy learning environment.  SterileSource Anti-Microbial and Anti-Viral would be good additions to your facility.


Sanitation in your restaurant is of paramount importance.  You take such care to watch for possible contamination in food handling. Keeping your guests safe from possible contaminants shouldn’t stop at the kitchen. You should put the rest of your facility into check with SterileSource. 

Fitness Centers

Your patrons are focused on getting healthy, but they should be able to stay safe from bacteria and viruses as well.  Sure, equipment gets wiped down after use, but do your patrons do a good enough job to keep everyone healthy? SterileSource can help keep microbes and viruses at bay. 

Want to know if your business, or facility can benefit from what SterileSource has to offer? Contact us for an in depth look at how we can help you keep everyone healthy.