SterileSource AM (Anti-Microbial coating)

SterileSource AM is a durable, transparent coating which can be applied to virtually any surface. It kills bacteria, fungus, molds, and algae (Including MRSA, Strep, Staph & E-Coli). Our Anti-Microbial coating can be sprayed onto virtually any surface that your customers or staff come into contact with on a frequent basis. This means that it is ideal for door handles, grab bars, elevator buttons, and so many more applications.

The spray is molecularly bonded to the surface by covalent bond, which means that it isn't a coating that will rub off. This durability means that you don't have to worry about needing to reapply. It will be there working for you and keeping your staff & customers safe from microbes for years to come.

SterileSource AM doesn't just kill the microbe with a chemical like typical cleaners, it mechanically destroys it. This mechanical disabling means that the risk of cross-contamination is decreased, as the microbe cannot be picked up and spread to other surfaces.

Positively charged

The positively charged anti-microbial coating attracts the negatively charged microbes, which are then destroyed . This interaction is mechanical & physical, not chemical.

A Green Alternative

SterileSource AM is an environmentally  friendly anti-microbial choice. There are no toxins to bleed into the environment, and will not lead to the generation of adaptive organisms.

sterile source am pic