SterileSource AV (Anti-Viral)

SterileSource AV is a disinfectant applied via ULV fogger within your business. The solution can be applied all over your business including food preparation surfaces* and electronics. SterileSource AV is appropriate for any business; hospital, doctors office, restaurant, nursing home, place of worship, hair salon, offices, factories & more! The use of the ULV fogger gives maximum coverage and protection of your business, protecting your staff from the surfaces they have to touch.

*When applied to any food preparation surface all you need to do is rinse with potable water.

SterileSource AV is proven to kill COVID-19!

Our mobile pathogen mitigation unit will come to your business, home, place of worship, or facility and plan out an effective mitigation plan.  Our procedures adhere to the CDC’s cleaning and disinfection guidelines.  Our employees adhere to OSHA safety practices, wearing PPE from the moment they arrive till the time they leave.  Sterile Source AV is prepared on site following the EPA register label of the product.  This practice ensures your disinfectant has not lost potency over time and is ready and active to kill bacteria and viruses.

Sure, your staff can keep thier work areas clean, but they aren’t trained in the best ways to sanitize everything.  There are even very specific instructions to using common disinfectant wipes to kill viruses that are often overlooked. When dealing with a virus as serious as Covid-19, don’t you want the security of knowing that your facility is perfectly cleaned by those with the most up-to-date knowledge in killing viruses?

Fogging vs. Spraying

You will find there are 2 options for applying Anti-Viral Disinfectants-  ULV fogger or Pump sprayer.   At SterileSource, we have chosen to use the ULV fogger which offers more even application and gives the technician the ability to disinfect 10x more area than a technician with a pump sprayer.   The ULV fogger puts out a much smaller particle than the pump sprayer as well, so the fogger is able to effectively and evenly cover the space with the fluid. 

sterile source av pic